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Pigeons and other birds have adapted well to urban environments, making their homes in places such as your home or business premises. The can build there nests under solar panels, in chimneys, balconies guttering and roof spaces. They can even shift loose or damaged tiles to gain access to your roof space. Surprisingly a Pigeon can get in through any gap larger then 25mm, they also live in flocks of anywhere between 50 – 500 so a small bird infestation has the potential to grow into a much bigger problem if left untreated.

Some of the most common signs of a Pigeon or bird problem/infestation include the sound of baby bird cries, nesting materials strewn about your premises, concentrated areas of bird droppings and even debris from nests and feathers blocking drainage systems potentially leading to further property damage.

All Staff Have Level 2 Award in Pest Management Certification

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Though they have been recorded breeding in every month of the year, the peak month for fledging is August.


The majority of young birds are likely to die within their first 12 months, but the record age for a ringed wild bird is over 16.


This bird is considered to be a major agricultural pest, causing at least £3 million worth of damage to crops annually in the UK.


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Solar Bird Proofing
We provide solar panel bird proofing solutions all over Kent and London. Bird proofing solar panels involves removal of existing nests and clearing the area if necassary. We then insall professional grade mesh around the solar panels to prevent birds gaining access. This is a long term solution that will last for decades and is fully guaranteed.
Bird Proofing
1st Stop Pest Control carry our proofing for clients this includes using spikes, netting, wire and electrical deterrents.
Bird Habitat
Bird droppings deface and accelerate deterioration of statues, buildings, equipment, goods or product and even foul areas where people may walk or work. BIRDS will find adequate buildings and structures to roost, and nest with food and water often in adequate supply. They often live and feed in flock especially when being fed by humans.
Risks To Human Health
Bird droppings cause building damage and they deface statues, buildings and plant equipment. Their dropping can contaminate food produce which is destined for human consumption so proofing against these pests is a must. Although there is little evidence, they are known to transmit diseases such as ornithosis, (a mild form of psittacosis) and salmonellosisa. BIRDS are also known to carry ectoparasites which include bugs, fleas, ticks, and mites, some of which will bite people.
Bird Control
1st Stop Pest Control offer a variety of solution against birds. We provide trapping of birds using a variety of traps at our disposal. We work in accordance with the (The Protection of Animals Act 1911 and Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981) and inspect all traps every 24 hours and provide water and food. Once captured the birds are killed humanely and again in accordance with the above act.
Bird Shooting
1st Stop Pest Control pest control technicians are trained marksmen and are able to carry out bird control using this method. We work through all the documentation needed to do this with our clients and inform the local police authority regarding the shoot.
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